Regulated non-quarantine pest Project

An EU funded project for the benefit of the whole EPPO region

NAME OF THE ORGANISM: Garlic Dwarf Virus (GDV000)


Name as submitted in the project specification (if different to the preferred name):

Pest category:
Viruses and viroids

1- Identity of the pest/Level of taxonomic listing:

Is the organism clearly a single taxonomic entity and can it be adequately distinguished from other entities of the same rank?

Is the pest defined at the species level or lower?:

Can listing of the pest at a taxonomic level higher than species be supported by scientific reasons or can species be identified within the taxonomic rank which are the (main) pests of concern?
  • Not relevant: Vegetable propagating and planting material (other than seeds) sector
Is it justified that the pest is listed at a taxonomic rank below species level?
Not relevant

  • Candidate: Vegetable propagating and planting material (other than seeds) sector
2 – Status in the EU:
Is this pest already a quarantine pest for the whole EU?

Presence in the EU:

not candidate

Justification (if necessary):
One record in France in 1994 appears to be the only record (Lot et al., 1994) with no subsequent records or other references about this virus since.

HOST PLANT N°1: Allium sativum (ALLSA) for the Vegetable propagating and planting material (other than seeds) sector.

Origin of the listing:
RNQP Questionnaire

Plants for planting:
Plants intended for planting

Disqualified: based on uncertainties about its presence in the EU and absence of economic impacts observed on the EU territory. It will be covered by the substantially free from requirement.

8 - Tolerance level:

Is there a need to change the Tolerance level:

Proposed Tolerance levels:
Not recommended for the RNQP status.

9 - Risk management measures:

Is there a need to change the Risk management measure:

Proposed Risk management measure:
Not recommended for the RNQP status.

  • Brunt A A, Crabtree K, Dallwitz M J, Gibbs A J, Watson L & Zurcher E J (1996 onwards) Plant Viruses Online: Descriptions and Lists from the VIDE Database. Garlic dwarf (?) fijivirus. Version: 16th January 1997. Available at:;
  • Lot H, Delecolle B, Boccardo G, Marzachi C & Milne RG (1994) Partial characterization of reovirus-like particles associated with garlic dwarf disease. Plant Pathology 43, 537-546;