Regulated non-quarantine pest Project

An EU funded project for the benefit of the whole EPPO region

NAME OF THE ORGANISM: Gooseberry vein banding associated virus (GOVB00)


Name as submitted in the project specification (if different to the preferred name):
Vein clearing and vein net of blackcurrant

Pest category:
Viruses and viroids

1- Identity of the pest/Level of taxonomic listing:

Is the organism clearly a single taxonomic entity and can it be adequately distinguished from other entities of the same rank?

Is the pest defined at the species level or lower?:

Can listing of the pest at a taxonomic level higher than species be supported by scientific reasons or can species be identified within the taxonomic rank which are the (main) pests of concern?
  • Null: Fruits (including hops) sector
Is it justified that the pest is listed at a taxonomic rank below species level?

  • Not evaluated: Fruits (including hops) sector
Justification (if necessary):
Vein clearing of blackcurrant, Vein net of blackcurrant and Gooseberry vein banding (on Ribes) can thus be ascribed to Gooseberry vein banding disease, a disease closely associated with Gooseberry vein banding associated virus (GVBaV) (Jones et al., 2001). However, in the Netherlands grafting experiments done with Red currant vein banding agent and Gooseberry vein banding agent (by F van der Meer, IPO Wageningen, Personal communication) demonstrated that these two agents are not identical. Experts therefore suggested giving Red Currant Vein Banding a separate denomination (as an agent).

2 – Status in the EU:
Is this pest already a quarantine pest for the whole EU?

Presence in the EU:


HOST PLANT N°1: Ribes (1RIBG) for the Fruits (including hops) sector.

Not evaluated: from the fruit Marketing Directive (see Terms of reference)